About Us

Our mission is to offer an easily accessible option to gain CME credits so you can focus on providing great medical care. Our goal is to share all medical conferences & courses via live stream & on-demand viewing.

Dr. Feldman directs our entire team and is the CEO of our company.

For the past 12 years Dr. Feldman has been consulting to attorneys on medical issues.  Armin has consulted on hundreds legal cases covering a broad range of medical issues and questions.  In fact, Dr. Feldman has developed & refined an entirely new sub-specialty of forensic medicine.

For the past 10 years Armin has trained hundreds of physicians through his Medical/Legal Consulting Coaching Program and Conferences. During that time he has also become a national expert in the marketing of medical training to physicians.

As well, Dr. Feldman has developed expertise in the Live Streaming and On-Demand availability of medical conferences and courses. Armin now has over 7 years’ experience in successful conference planning and online conference technology.

Armin started the nation’s first medical education TV channel, MedicalEd TV, to provide on-demand CME medical training to US physicians.