7th Annual Medical/Legal Consulting Conference

May 2 - 3, 2020 | Created By : Armin Feldman

How to Start-Up and Profit Long-Term Doing Non-Clinical Consulting in Today's Health Care Environment

I’m Dr. Armin Feldman and I invite you to a 2-Day Conference to learn Medical/Legal Consulting that taps into the $10 Billion legal industry.  

Join me for a 2-Day Comprehensive, Practical, How-To Conference that gives you the practical tools, training and information to start and profit long-term doing non-clinical medical consulting. There’s a new kind of Medical/Legal Consulting.

The timing of last year’s conference could not have been better with the changes in medicine and now it’s even more critical to attend this year’s conference as Medical/Legal Consulting is fast becoming a new dynamic sub-speciality.

Be in demand by attorneys in your area who will contact you to do interesting and lucrative medical consulting.

2020 Annual Medical/Legal Consulting Conference Course

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