We can help you prepare for all your medical conferences and courses. Get us on your team at the outset of planning to facilitate your marketing, technical and medical support issues for your Live Stream & On-Demand needs. As we work with more and more physician organizers & conference planners we are finding our clients all utilize our services in a little different fashion.

We can optimize your medical, marketing and technical planning in a pre-conference consultation and then work closely with you all along the way.

Our seasoned physicians, marketers and technical staff can help with issues related to any conference/course large or small. In addition, we will take care of everything onsite during the conference or course. We also have years of experience with post-production and on-demand viewing.

Not only will we run the entire process in real time, we will also make it easy for you to market and then collect your on-demand post-conference/course viewing payments.
And you will have one go-to MedicalEd TV Rep as your point of contact throughout your relationship with us.

Call us at 800-619-5438 to discuss the resources we provide.